• Italian Hem Stitch Pattern for Monk's Cloth, The Original - $9.00

Italian Hem Stitch Pattern for Monk's Cloth, The Original - $9.00

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Pattern IHS - $9.00 

In 2001, Nettie's Needleworks released The Original Italian Hem Stitch for Monk's Cloth. This popular three-sided stitch that does not require a sewing machine for stitching the cut edge of monk's cloth. Swedish weavers use this beautiful method to fringe and edge the monk's cloth. This is not the "Box" or "four-sided" Hem stitch. It is a double throw hem stitch. To help understand this needle work, a FREE STITCH SAMPLE is included along with the pattern only when purchased from us. Use this stitch sample for practice and to learn the stitch quickly and easily.

With this unique hem stitch, create a professional looking fringed edges for Swedish weave afghans, pillows, place mats, table runners and apparel made with Monk's cloth. This pattern gives step by step written instructions and diagrams.  This stitch locks and hems the Monk's cloth.  

To add the Italian Hem Stitch to Monk's cloth, use this pattern along with #5 pearl cotton and a #18 tapestry needle. One skein of #5 Pearl Cotton is needed to stitch both ends of a Monk's Cloth afghan.  For best results, use pearl cotton that is same color as the Monk's cloth.  Refrain from using the pulled threads of the Monk's cloth, which break easily.  For those who need Pearl Cotton, we carry DMC #5 Pearl Cotton for all colors of Monk's Cloth.  Not all colors of Pearl Cotton are available from craft stores.  

                                                              Happy weaving!