ATTENTION: The Monk's Cloth from our supplier is an excellent quality MADE in India, not China, and is inspected for flaws. Sixteen colors are available. Orders are accepted by phone order or on-line for USA customers. 
Our Monk's Cloth is first quality with a finished 1" selvage. It is 100% cotton, 4x4 basket weave, 7 count per inch fabric 58" to 60" wide. After preshrinking, it is 8 count per inch (shrinks about 15%). Stitch with 4 ply Acrylic yarn, which does not shrink and makes for a warm blanket and moths do not eat it. We cut using pulled thread technique.
Monk's Cloth is used as the base fabric for the yarn embroidery called Swedish Weaving. Use it to make afghans, baby blankets, purses, bags, throws, table runners, place mats, clothing, counted cross stitch items, rug making by punch needle, costumes and Christmas items. Very relaxing and fun!
Monk's Cloth derives its name from the woolen fabric once used to make the clothing for monks. Some claim that the hems of monk's habits were adorned with designs using yarn in a technique similar to Swedish weaving. Now we embroider Monk's Cloth with yarn to make beautiful and unique items for family, friends and for decorating the home.
When purchasing the Monk's Cloth make sure it is cut following the cross-grain of the fabric. Monk's cloth must be stitched at both cut ends prior to preshrinking and weaving. Either machine stitch or use of a Hem Stitch like our "The Original Italian Hem Stitch" to keep the fabric from unraveling. Stitch across the cut edge from 1.5" to 2.5" to create a nice fringe. After stitching, unravel the monk's cloth up to the stitching including the selvage. Preshrink with warm water, dry and always iron to smooth the Monk's Cloth.
To preshrink the Monk's cloth, completely soak the fabric in a washer with warm water only. Do not add detergent or pour it directly on the Monk's Cloth. Retanye may be used to limit bleeding of darker fabrics. Many detergents contain brighteners, which may cause spotting. Do not "wash" or agitate the fabric excessively, which may cause "pills" to form on the fabric. After soaking, spin to remove excess water. Place in a warm dryer with a fabric softener sheet (no liquid softeners). After drying, iron with a hot steam iron to relax and smooth the fabric. Always wash completed blankets on delicate cycle with a mild product as Wool-Lite or dry clean prior to gift giving.   
Happy Weaving!