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Swedish Weaving as a Needle Craft

When I first learned Swedish weaving on Monk's cloth, it was totally new to me. I was fascinated and intrigued with its beauty and apparent complexity. Swedish Weaving is a wonderful needle craft and a beautiful art form. I found that it was easy, fun, and so relaxing! 

In 1999, I shared this incredible needle craft with others, who discovered the same benefits and joy as I did..

The demand grew. So I began teaching workshops at a local craft store. The same response occurred. The ladies loved it as much as I did. A phenomenon was occurring. All we wanted to do was Swedish Weaving. It was so much fun!

Why do I love Swedish weaving?  I love meeting lovely ladies and hearing their stories. I love sharing this beautiful needle craft with others. I love working with beautiful yarn to create spectacular, unique afghans. I love creating new designs that communicate the beauty of the world around us. Most of all, I love seeing ladies become so excited about Swedish weaving. There is that special sparkle in their eyes when they realize they are really doing Swedish weaving! 

Wonderful things have occurred because of Swedish weaving. Because Swedish weaving is an aesthetic art form, just doing it makes people happy. Many ladies have told me it was like therapy...it made them happy and gave peace of mind.

Swedish weaving has many benefits. A joy comes from creating beautiful things, like afghans, with Swedish weaving. With Swedish weaving, new friends have been made and old friends rediscovered. Groups have formed. Ladies have improved and expanded their lives with Swedish weaving friendships.

As a certified RN, BSN, CNOR, PHN, I worked for many years. It has been my joy to help others. The greatest gift is to help others. Swedish weaving has given me a way to continue to help others in a fun and happy way. My special wish is for each person to find happiness in life. I hope that Swedish weaving creates that happiness for you.

                    Welcome to the wonderful world of Swedish Weaving!

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