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 MAILING COSTS:  For the best shipping costs, order 5 to 6 yards of monk's cloth. Most orders are shipped using flat rate discounts. We mail our products using USPS for patterns and USPS Priority mail for most Monk's Cloth. For large orders, we use FedEx Ground. We do not e-mail patterns or use PDF. Our shipping costs are low. We use the best options available for our customers. When ordering Monk's Cloth, we charge what it basically costs us to mail your order to you. Please call us to answer questions and allow us to help you. For group orders, we use FedEx for 12 to 20 yards.

CANADIAN ORDERS:  We can ship Monk's Cloth to Canada directly with a phone order. International Posting Rates for monk's cloth are high. However, Monk's Cloth orders can be mailed to any USA Border Store or address. We ship patterns to Canada direct for small fee.

 After picking up the order at any border store, take the merchandise across the border. There may be a customs fee. For questions, regarding shipping, please send inquiry by e-mail or call 909-861-0314.