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 MAILING COSTS:  We mail our products using USPS for patterns and/or USPS Priority mail for most Monk's Cloth. For large group orders, we use Fed Ex Ground. We do not e-mail patterns. Our shipping costs are low, because we do not pad shipping costs with handling fees. We use the best options available for our customers. When ordering Monk's Cloth, we only charge what it costs us to mail your order to you. We recommend that our customers place an order that fills the box, which reduces overall costs. Please call us to answer questions and allow us to help you. For the best overall shipping costs, order 5 to 6 yards of monk's cloth unless doing a group order for 15 to 19  yards.

CANADIAN ORDERS:  PATTERNS: Free shipping to Canada for all patterns.                  MONK'S CLOTH: Monk's cloth mailed to Canada can be expensive. To decrease shipping costs for Monk's Cloth, we recommend that our Canadian customers request orders to be mailed to an alternative US address, if convenient. The order would be picked up in the USA. Customs fees on cotton should be zero depending on the customs agent.

For questions regarding shipping, please send inquiry by e-mail or call 909-861-0314 or 909-396-1932.