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Nettie's Swedish Weave Patterns

Nettie's Unique Patterns

Swedish weaving is enjoying a resurgence ... in fact, our email is telling us that quilters and other crafters are finding Swedish weaving a relaxing and fun alternative with a beautiful result.

We'd like to share a few words from our customers ...

"Hi there. I'm the gentleman who purchased some Swedish weaving materials from you at the Del Mar Craft Fair in early May. Have to tell you that you were right about cross-stitchers picking it up easy. I'm already halfway done with my first design (with hem-stitch border). Your patterns and instructions are clear, easy to follow, and complete. A great new, relaxing craft. Thanks for everything and you can expect another order from me soon."
- Kristopher Zgorski via email

"Lord I love your heart, child. I love your patterns and, you know, I have to order the rest of them."
- Kelly Miracle, Middleboro, KY

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the Swedish weaving patterns and instructions I received from you. The instructions are so well planned and easy to follow that I was able to begin weaving right away. I have two daughters who love the designs so much that I must make their favorite patterns before I finish mine."
- Brenda Salter, Bluffdale, UT

"Thank you so much for sending your patterns to me in such a quick manner. I was very pleased when I opened the package and saw your patterns. They were individually packaged with a lovely photograph of each design. The instructions were very well drawn and clear to understand. I am a first time Swedish weaver and I can't believe how well my work is coming out."
- DiAnne Herbert, Puyallup, WA

"I just ordered the rest of your patterns. I really love having the picture graph and the great instructions. Now I have some friends very interested in learning Swedish weaving. Thanks for such a fun new hobby."
- Sally Miller, Temple City, CA

"I recently attended a craft fair at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego, Ca. While there, I observed a Swedish weaving demonstration and I was so intrigued that, after 2 or 3 trips by the booth, I convinced my husband to buy me all the supplies needed to start an afghan as a Mother's Day gift, which I believe, was the next day. Now I am hooked. I absolutely love it. I find it very relaxing. I am a quilter, but this is a nice diversion."
- Donna Sturgess, San Diego, CA